Awaiting My European Summer Vacation

I was so hoping for a European Vacation this summer, but you know what? It’s simply not going to happen. Maybe I indulged in too many Caramel Macchiatos this past year while stressing over the election outcome.

In any case, my bank account demands, under no uncertain terms, that I must wait until next year.

OK. Fine. No problem! Paris and Milan have moved-on to *Fashion Summer 2018,* anyway. So, I’ll just sit here and cry into my instant coffee whilst perusing European look-books and garnering some fab ideas for stepping out in my own town and my Euro Vaycay of next year.

classic french summer

French summer street style.

a sweet summer dress of course, france

Always bring a sweet summer dress.

french classic urban bike riding attire

While riding in Paris, never forget a scarf.

french shorts

Parisian summer chic.

italian evening

Italian evenings.

italian choice is white

The Italian choice for summer is white.

spanich summer dress

The drama of my Spanish summer!

portugal unique summer

Keeping it unique in Portugal.

portugal date night

My lovely Portuguese date night.

amsterdam statement skater skirt

In Amsterdam, the statement skater-skirt.



Saving the best for Berlin.


Of course, my journey will have to end – probably in Prague, where I’ll sip my morning coffee at a quaint table and blog home about my trip.


coffee in prague


I’m In The Mood For Spring

collage marilyn20

Well, I haven’t blogged for a while, but what better time to begin again than when spring is just around the corner? I am ready for some sunshine, flowers and warmer weather! This Marilyn pic – looking like a princess in all of her sexy splendor – puts me right in the mood for spring ~

Marilyn is surrounded by beauty, spirituality, whimsy and a kind of jazzy side of sartorial fun. Just keep giving ’em that come-hither stare, Marilyn, and spring will surly come running!